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Electronic Circuit Board

Our GPS Platform is currently integrated with aproximately 500+ Hardware Providers, and more than 2,000 models of GPS tracking devices, including personal GPS trackers, vehicle controllers and software-based "trackers" installed as mobile apps on smartphones. Additionally, it is able to process data, received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and others), cameras, and other supplementary GPS hardware, connected to GPS tracking devices, to give you the following functionality and more:

Image by Robert Bye

Driving quality improvement

EcoDriving records all driver violations for a certain period, by individual rides, and also allows comparing data for different periods:

  • Benefit from the detailed description of violations

  • Make use of tracks visualization and event markers on a map

  • Assess driving quality scores according to predefined or your own criteria

  • Rank the drivers by the number of received penalty points

  • Get the notifications on speeding and other violations

  • Send automatic reports on drivers’ behavior

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